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Renovations and Extensions

Renovations and extension projects are a speciality of ours, and something we love to do. We take great pride and pleasure in restoring villas and creating seamless extensions and quality renovations to homes throughout Christchurch and North Canterbury. Our projects range from structural upgrades such as new roofs, extensions to the building footprint, reconfigure of existing spaces and refurbishment.

Builders bring a particular craftsmanship to home renovation work, and our attention to detail enables us to complete a superior finished product.

We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and our close communication with our clients. We undertake renovation projects with tightly managed programmes, to ensure the disruption to your home is kept to an absolute minimum. We commit to our deadlines, and proactively manage our sub-trades to ensure they share our commitment to the agreed programme.  

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Renovations and extension projects are a speciality of ours, and something we love to do. We take great pride and pleasure in restoring villas and creating seamless extensions to homes throughout Christchurch and North Canterbury


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Beckenham Villa - Re-Levelling and Renovation

The villa has undertaken a complete transformation inside and out. The work completed was extensive, including both a structural upgrade as well as complete interior and exterior refurbishment. The house had been poorly maintained, had incomplete earthquake repairs, and historical damage. We completed extensive re-levelling to the foundation, new timber framing to floors and walls, new wall linings, built-in wardrobes, bathroom and kitchen, new driveway, fencing and decking and new sewer and stormwater. The end result was a new house inside and out, but with the original features and charm of the villa maintained. We thoroughly enjoyed bringing this gorgeous house back to life, and is a great example of what we love doing best.

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CBD Bathroom

We were privileged to have the opportunity to complete a stunning renovation to a bathroom within a beautiful Park Terrace apartment. The bathroom was transformed with superior specifications, including tiles from Milan, a custom-made vanity and marble surfaces. This project is an example of our ability to undertake work requiring precision in workmanship, exceptional finishing skills and high calibre subcontractors.

rotherham renovations

Rotherham - Re-roof and Renovations

Work is currently underway on Stage 2 of our renovations to this beautiful villa. We have previously completed a complete re-roof, including upgrading and replacing timber framing followed by corrugated iron. We have installed new skylights which have transformed the natural light within the house, as well as completing an electrical rewire and upgrade. The second stage of work underway is extensive renovations including a new kitchen, dining area, front entrance, hallway and windows. The finished product will be a new house, yet retaining the features of a beautiful original homestead.

Scargill Valley Road

Scargill valley - Re-Roof, Re-levelling, renovation and outdoor room

We lovingly restored and renovated this homestead over a period of 9 months. We completed a full interior and exterior renovation, and an extension with a new outdoor room.  We completed a full re-levelling of the foundation and construction of new replica chimneys under the guidance of an engineer’s design, and a complete house re-roof with new timber and corrugated iron. Interior works included a new ensuite, tiling, new windows and French doors as well as full interior refurbishment. 

Our client’s beautiful farm can now be admired all year round in the new outdoor room, which we built as an extension to the original homestead. The room has a corrugated iron roof with skylights, decorative ply ceiling and cedar gable. The stone fireplace with Warmington fire is a beautiful centrepiece for the room. The large kwila decking boards extend from the outdoor room onto a new back verandah. The outdoor room has been added seamlessly, so that it is in keeping with the existing features of the house. 

The end result is simply stunning.

“We have enjoyed working with you both. You made it an easy build and we are thrilled with the result”


Waihui Project

Waiau - Extension, renovation and outdoor room

We worked closely with our clients and their architect to undertake extensive renovations and an extension.  The extension created a new living room with a stone fireplace, connected to the new deck and paved outdoor area via stacker doors. We installed skylights, refurbished the second living area, installed new windows, and laid new flooring throughout. The extension is a seamless addition to the existing house, and the outdoor area complements the house perfectly allowing our clients to enjoy their award-winning and magazine published gardens. We relished the opportunity to work on such a beautiful property, and are proud of the result we achieved.